Allie Kerth
Allie & Abby met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since! Abby considers Allie her third sister as they have quite literally grown up together. Abby & Allie's whole families are extremely close too spending every holiday, important life event, and a lot of free time together!!
Molly Smith
Molly & Abby met in the 6th grade and have been friends ever since! Abby & Molly planned their schedules to have all classes together throughout middle school and high school and made it through 4 years of varsity swimming together. Now that they are adults they continue to support each other through every moment in life!
McKenna Bagan
McKenna & Abby met in the 7th grade and have been friends ever since! Abby and McKenna were locker partners and partners in crime through all of middle school, high school, and beyond (though they no longer share a locker). 
Sofie Black
Sofie & Abby met their first day of college at CU and have been friends ever since. They lived right across the hall from each other in the engineering dorms and made it all the way through engineering school together!
Keara Leahy (Pawley)
Abby & Keara met their first day of college at CU and have been friends ever since. They even shared a bedroom their sophomore year and Abby was a bridesmaid in Keara's wedding too :)
Matthew Kidney
Matt and Danny have known each other since elementary school. They played little league and high school baseball together. 
Christopher Rossi
Chris and Danny have been going to Gator games for ten years, drinking twisted teas and sipping fireball.
Forrest Wheeler
Forrest and Danny have been fishing, tailgating, hanging for 10 years.
Connor Hannah
Connor and Danny have been icing Gator opponents across numerous states for years.
Joseph Viverito
Joe V. and Danny met playing on the same tee-ball team and grew up playing on the same little league teams. 
Jammie Permar
Jammie is Danny’s older sister. Her son, Wesley, is an Usher for the wedding. 
Connie Permar
Connie is Danny’s younger sister. Connie now lives in Raleigh, NC and briefly lived there with Abby and Danny.
Aden Permar
Junior Bridesmaid
Aden will be doing a reading during the ceremony. She plays high school volleyball and softball and involved in both FFA and 4-H. 
Eagan Permar
Ring Bearer
Eagan will be the Ring Bearer at the wedding. He loves video games and playing on Abby's phone. And, in his words, is a Master Pro at Hiking. 
Waverly Kidney
Flower Girl
Waverly is Matt’s oldest daughter and will be one of the Flower Girls. Waverly and Eagan attend the same elementary school and have played little league together similar to their dads.
Mackenzie Kidney
Flower Girl
Mackenzie is Matt’s youngest daughter and will be a Flower Girl at the wedding. Mackenzie, Waverly, Eagan and Wesley have taken down plenty of snacks and played many Nerf battles throughout the house.
Wesley Thompson
Wesley is Danny’s nephew and will be an usher at the wedding. He is a year older than Eagan and lives in Jacksonville but that doesn't stop them from playing Roblox online together, having conjoined birthday celebrations, hanging at each other's houses, or going to Grandpa and Baba's house to play in the garden. 
Olivia Fink
Maid of honor
Abby’s younger/middle sister and co-maid of honor at the wedding.
Eliza Fink
Maid of honor
Abby’s youngest sister and co-maid of honor at the wedding.
Gary Fink
Gary is Abby’s uncle and the Godfather